Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers

OIGPM Bulletin Please see article on the IM-Future project - page 13 Biuletyn_czerwiec

Validation of learning modules / training paths /teacher guidlines

Harmonisation and validation of learning modules and training paths - Report O2A3 And Guidelines for teachers - Report O2A4

02-a2 Definition of Learning Content Modules

The aim of “IM-FUTURE” is to develop the content for an International Masters’ Degree in the furniture sector. This activity was focused on breaking down the learning pillars

IO1A1 – Consortium Masters

IO1A1 – Consortium Masters Master of Science degree for furniture sector may be understood and prepared in numerous ways. Again, Furniture sector may be understood as a product

IM-FUTURE Quality Assurance Report 1

IM-FUTURE Quality Assurance Report 1

Report abstracts for IO1A1 / IO1A2 / IO1A3

Report abstracts for IO1A1 / IO1A2 / IO1A3 - these abstracts will guide readers through the progress of the project.  See here for: IO1reports_abstracts - English IO1reports_abstracts_Polish IO1reports_abstracts_Spanish

Project Details

Start Date: 02-11-2016 / End Date: 01-05-2019 / Duration in months: 30

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.
Action Type: Strategic Partnerships for higher education.