COSMOB is a Technological Centre for the woodworking and furniture sector and it supports companies in increasing the technical value and the performances of their products.

The support (provided by many experts) according to an integrated approach, is planned around the needs of each company; in this sense, the technicians can rely on the “Technological Laboratory for Quality”: built over 20 years ago, it makes possible the provision of several services, such as the technical training of personnel, definition of technical specifications, product design and prototyping, production and suppliers control, certification of materials, products and processes.

COSMOB also gives a significant contribution in relation to communication, especially by helping companies in highlighting the added value of their products and has obtained thanks in regard to the above mentioned services. Moreover, the centre is involved in supporting companies in their processes of technological innovation, by promoting research and development in partnership with leading technology centres, research institutions and Italian and European Universities. In detail, COSMOB operates in several areas:

  • Quality, by carrying out chemical and mechanical laboratory tests on materials and products
    of the wood and furniture sector (In this sense, the Technological Laboratory for Quality is
    recognised according the UNI 6 EN ISO/IEC 17025 – general requisites for the competence of
    testing and calibration laboratories)
  • R&D, by participating, at national and international level, in research and innovation projects
    in the field of new materials, domotics, digital prototyping and innovative products (for
    functionality and design).
  • Internationalisation, by participating in co-operation projects aimed at the enhancing of
    competitiveness of PMI.
  • Design, by supporting companies in developing innovative, functional and eco-sustainable
  • Training, by organising courses aimed at students, workers and entrepreneurs to increase
    their technical knowledge.

In 2014, COSMOB started a professional course in partnership with University of Camerino, in order to create expertise in the digital prototyping of furniture products. 25 people (students, architects, engineers, etc.) attended the course for 6 months and some of the COSMOB personnel were involved in teaching and demonstrating activities. Furthermore, COSMOB is now involved in a regional project aimed at the realisation of a specific course in a technical high school, in order to create a professional profile with specific competence about properties of wood, with the final aim of the introduction of this kind of persons in local companies belonging to the wood and furniture sector.

The quality system used by COSMOB in any initiative is based on procedures to ensure the objectives at financial and technical level.