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Development of a joint study program between Higher Education and Vocational Education and training: International Master’s Degree for the FUrniTURE sector.

This initiative will comprise of the following activities:

  • Surveys, comparative analysis and evidence-gathering, studies of real life cases in order to have a real idea of the needs of skills and competences in the European furniture and Woodworking industry.
  • Development of a joint curriculum with the integration of different learning modes (distance, face to face, etc) and innovative approaches.
  • The creation of learning and training materials together with methods, pedagogical approaches and tools.- Capacity buildings and networking activities.

As a final result of these activities this Strategic Partnership will develop a Study Report on current skills needs on the European Furniture and Woodworking industry, a Joint Curriculum together with a learning content and an e-Learning platform that will be freely and widely distributed.


As a part of that this project to improve the competitiveness of the sector, the partners are tasked with obtaining the views of employers and other stakholders on the content they would like to see.  This was conducted during the summer of 2017.  It was carried out in the 4 partner countries and in the corresponding languages:

  • English
  • Español
  • Italiano
  • Polskie

The Survey is now closed – thank you to all who participated. The results are posted in the project resource section.

To compliment the survey 4 foucs group meetings were also held and the results are in the project resource section combined with the survey results.

Furniture education matters!

Across Europe

There are approximately 126,000 firms, and production amounts to more than €84 Billion.”